Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Daily Verse

Every day a verse is sent to my mobile by a good friend, my Mum. She's a legend, always thinking on the Word, and I love her to bits. Sometimes she sends a saying or quote, other times it's actually a verse from whatever translation she happens to be reading at the time. She sends them as she finds them and never to have a go at those on the receiving end of her text messages. I'll share some of them here in the hope they will encourage you, too right where you are at.

I'll never intend for these posts to be especially long because there is so much in life that demands time from us as it is. So kick back, relax. Catch it as it comes ;) Someone somewhere has got to have some mercy on the time poor!

"The LORD shall preserve you from all evil; (unless you willfully run to it) He shall preserve your soul." Psalm 121v7

Oui, l'Eternel te gardera / de tout malheur: il gardera ta vie.

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