Monday, 13 June 2011

Frankly my dear...

Have you ever had a rejection that wasn’t a rejection as such? It’s the silent rejection of the un-rejected kind. The type where you get accepted, but for whatever reason, the rejecter doesn’t give the rejectee the actual reason and you're kaput.

Evidently, there are those who are at perfect liberty to use this tool as required. I experienced this earlier in the year after submitting a freelance article to an editor for his magazine. The Ed loved it, had the grace to tell me why, and took the time to point out which parts he would change and why. Naturally I was stoked.
Ed was excited that the subject matter had been written from the viewpoint of a woman in a male-dominated genre with insight and smooth readability. He was keen to run the article and would contact me again in the near future.

I never heard back. Six months after the initial acceptance (giving time and not willing to pester), I replied to his original email so the content would evoke happy memories but I never heard back. I did not reply again and consider the subject closed, and he didn’t take my bait on another idea I pitched which was certainly relevant to his quaterly magazine (which has recently been picked up by Virgin Airlines. Nice).

Perhaps the very similar article to mine which was run in the next issue explained why I never heard back. Maybe it doesn’t. It’s all part of the risk we take when we pitch or submit.

What to do in this uncomfortable situation? At least when I pitched my TV commercial to a leading car MF, the marketing manager thought it was ‘terrific’ and would love to use it, but on the cusp of the GFC, was refraining from any TV at that time. Peace out, homey. I was down with that.

In spite of these and other losses, I was extremely encouraged at the time, and still am. It’s as if God gave me points for trying, but more than that, He’s showing me I can do it, and I am good enough because He approves of me.

Decide: What will you do upon the next rejection? Do you know you are good enough, even without seeing your name come off someone else’s printing press?

“It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way.” Proverbs 19v2
Dans un désir irréfléchi, il n'y a rien de bon et précipiter les pas fait commettre une faute.

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