Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Y'gotta be bloggin' me!

In my day job I have been asked twice recently by two difference sources why I don't take more photos of my work and build a portfolio. Generally I give excuses about time or opportunity, but the bigger reality is that I can't be bothered because I see it as being of no lasting worth and value, no matter how much I love the results of many hours hard work. Sure, they might be handy while I'm here on earth going about life and business, but Eternally speaking, I am convinced these works will be dross.

So why do it? Why do I stick with this meaningless day job?

Back up the truck a minute. I never said it was meaningless. In fact my job is far from meaningless because I am blessed to encounter new people all the time, and the people I deal with, I love (my clients are fantastic). These encounters come from the hand of God as time has proven, and considering I'm not in a "Christian" occupation, you have to admit that's a dang special by-product. The interactions with these individuals are the clincher everytime. People are seeking affirmation and truth, and God is still looking for willing people to step into that niche, and I'm afraid it's one-on-one (a two-way interaction, not a 'poke' thanks to a mouse-click).

I'm hoping that my life will have something far greater to show for it that photos or portfolios will never suffice. Images are good, and may say a thousand words, but if we're doing what God laid out for us and we obey Him, that lasts for Eternity. I KNOW my blog will not last for eternity (thank heaven), but its words may be inspirational enough to make someone consider their eternal future and worth. I hope!

There's a saying by a popular preacher that goes along these lines: If you try to make something happen to get you somewhere, chances are you're going to have to keep doing that thing and more to keep you there. Conversely, if God puts you somewhere, your effort will be anointed and there will be a grace on you to keep doing that thing and the majority of that time it will be fun and won't even seem like real work.

Call me old school, but when I'm dead I won't be counting my blog posts ;) Is this meant to thumb the nose at everyone who successfully blogs? By no means! Do I think everyone should quit their blogs? No way. I benefit from many and appreciate them, and say as much. Blogs are informative opinions, and this one is mine tonight.

Decide: Our modern word is reality starved in spite of 'reality TV' and the like. When was the last time you were REAL!!?? Can you 'fast' from Fb? Can you 'diet' from twitter? Are you able to escape distraction for more than a whole day? Are you addicted to unreality?

Answer Urself: Who do I need to connect with in reality? Could it even be God?

"If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved—even though only as one escaping through the flames." 1 Corinthians 3

Si la construction édifiée sur le fondement résiste à l'épreuve, son auteur recevra son salaire; mais si elle est consumée, il en subira les conséquences. Lui, personnellement, sera sauvé, mais tout juste, comme un homme qui réussit à échapper au feu.


  1. I have taken short intentional fasts from the internet...just to keep it from becoming an addiction. Right now, I feel burned out on it, yet need to be invested in it, because I'm marketing a new release. God is faithful to remind us not to let go of his hand and fall into the rushing waters of cyberspace. Thanks for the reminder, eloquently made.
    Dianne @

  2. Babe, you're a legend :)
    And you are so right. When life gets on top of us, sometimes we can't escape it because it's something we simply have to do by way of duty. Hang in there, and I know you will because you're clinging to God. While we're listening to Him, He doesn't let out foot slip :)
    God bless you!!
    Psalm 121.