Monday, 11 July 2011

Super Pumped!

Last night I was with a girlfriend and we were discussing our friend who is soooo excited by the birth of his newborn daughter. My GF asked, "Is he super pumped?"

Not for a second did I think she was asking about Regular or Unleaded, yet my look must have been blank.

“Don’t you remember how he always used to say that? Whenever he was really happy he used to say he was super pumped!”

Well. Now I could recall it. Yes, I confirmed, he was indeed very much super pumped (and she is one adorable bub!).

Isn’t it funny how we can forget things others remember with absolute clarity? It’s the same for me with books I’ve read. There are those that charmed me utterly through, and others that made me wonder how on earth they got published because they seemed to me at the time so brain-jarringly dreadful. It truly is a curious thing that makes the grade in publishing.

While I am pumped to have ten novels under my belt, my 'super pumpedness' will come in spades when one of those gets published. There’s no shortage of helps about for people in my position even though it can be hard to know which voice to pay attention to when there are so many. So it’s of massive benefit to me to have the One Voice that matters in my background, and He keeps me super pumped in spite of the odds.

Everywhere I turn, be it inbox, twitter, blog posts, websites, you name it, everyone’s got a verdict on what the ten easy steps are, or the three rules to remember, or the five-point guarantee is on how to be published. After a while it feels like much of a muchness and the only one I can remember is Just write a dang good story. When I do that and the feedback is good, I’m super pumped to the max.

It’s just a matter of time ;)

Decide: What gets you super pumped? Is it enough to last, or does that super feeling dissipate?  Where do you find your joy? Do you believe that nothing is impossible with God?

“...then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.” Philippians 2v2
Rendez donc ma joie complète: tendez à vivre en accord les uns avec les autres. Et pour cela, ayez le même amour, une même pensée, et tendez au même but.

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