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A Medium That's Bad For Your Health

I am loving being involved with KYB, and coming from what is already a rich Bible-based background, I must say it's only getting richer. Understanding the nuances and motives of characters within Bible history opens up their actions and beliefs incredibly, and I recommend KYB for anyone trying to figure out why the characters did what they did. The studies also help reveal more of the Bible's relevance for us today.

Some things the ancients did are slightly more obvious and in less need of explanation. For example, every Christian with a good foundation will know you don't consult mediums, spiritists, star signs, etc, because they detract from God's sovereignty when He is the One we ought to be consulting for true truth, and closely at that. The final study of 1 Samuel this week raises a good point with the question based on 1 Samuel 28v11-25.

Study 9, Q10: In your opinion, is God good to withhold the details of our future from us? Why or why not?

I recommend reading up in 1 Samuel for context you will enjoy, but the gist of it is this. Saul was Israel's idea of a king in stature and appearance. His family was affluent and he was taller than everyone else. Absolute king material with a touch of Hollywood... er, Bollywood? Inside, he was completely under-prepared for the position (and if I can add a personal thought, I don't think Saul actually wanted to be king). He would share the leadership of Israel with Samuel who would remain their "Divine Intervention".

Saul stuffs up as well as a human can (think 1 Samuel 15) by mostly obeying instead of fully obeying, a bit like Westley in the Princess Bride who is only mostly dead. Unfortunately for Saul, his kingship is fully dead from here on and the Lord departs from him. Fast forward a bit and we see just how true this is, when Saul can no longer inquire of Samuel who is also fully dead, and decides to wake him up by going to a medium to bring Samuel up (that's what the Bible says, 1 Samuel 28v11).

The KYB study book draws reader attention to Leviticus 19v31 and 20v27 in relation to the lady medium's fears she could be killed for helping bring up Samuel, but when she does Saul's bidding and Samuel appears, the old faithful prophet's words bring Saul his final message. Saul gets what he wants in hearing from Samuel, but it's not what he wants to hear.

For your "mostly obedience" against the Amalekites, tomorrow you and your sons will die in battle against the Philistines, and the army of Israel will be handed over to them.

Wow. I'm so glad I asked about that one. Can I book an appointment for the same time and place next week? Then again, you might have to bring me up...

The medium tries to console him and even pampers him a little because mediums are lovely misguided people, but Saul is probably wondering if there's any point to dinner when tomorrow he won't even be around anymore. Last meals can have that effect on the psyche, right? Let's face it. Consoling Saul is all she can do, and it's nowhere near enough.

Refer to the above question again, and ask yourself next time you want to know what the future holds if it's reeeaaallly something you need to know. My answer to Q10 was this: Yes, God is GOOD to withhold the future from us! Too much info either makes us afraid or makes us impatient. We really don't always handle it in the best way, and it removes God's supreme authority.

If we knew everything, we'd have no need of God. Be content not knowing and act in faith, and seek the Holy Spirit's help to enable you to do your best to fully obey. Man! I need that one as much as anyone.

Decide: What has happened in your life that you were oh-so-glad you didn't know was coming? Were you grounded in faith in God, or did you get totally blown out of the water? Did it increase your character better than if you'd known about it?

"When the Israelites along the valley and those across the Jordan saw that the Israelite army had fled and that Saul and his sons had died, they abandoned their towns and fled. And the Philistines came and occupied them." 1 Samuel 31v7

Quand les Israélites qui habitaient de l'autre côté de la vallée et ceux qui s'étaient fixés au-delà du Jourdain virent que l'armée d'Israël était en déroute et que Saül et ses fils étaient morts, ils abandonnèrent les villes et prirent la fuite. Les Philistins allèrent s'y établir.

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