Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Step In Anytime!

Yesterday at Bible study we were talking through a good friend's situation when a text message came through to one of the girls' phones. The girl read it the message, and within two minutes my phone went off. I assumed it would be the same message from the same person (you had to be there), but it turned out to read like this. Names of people and towns have been changed but the message is otherwise shown as appeared.

Hey Alan, sorry to txt u and bug u with this
sally has runaway think she's in town has no
money phone only one set of clothes has
totally lost it I'm seeing councillor today
20min away to talk to her about what to do

Hmmm. Needless to say, my name is not Alan.

I read it to the girls at Bible study and we wondered at it. Things like this positively bait my curiosity because I'm a fiction writer and real life is always stronger than fiction. But I also felt instantly sad at the nature of the message. To me it sounded like a broken home, but who knows? I replied:

Sorry this is not Alan, but will pray u find her & soon!

She (assuming it's a she because it’s the kind of message a mother would send and fathers generally don’t go willingly to councillors) replied asking, "Who have I got?" The cop in our study group at the time advised I not reply. It's very handy having a cop in our group. Anyway, I figured that if this mystery messager wanted to know who I was, he or she could ring. So far they haven't. And I hoped they found both Alan and Sally. What got me was that the towns mentioned are right where I live, and my mobile number is not the type that can be easily entered incorrectly because it’s simple.

When I got home I checked my records of the clients I’d recently seen, thinking they might have messaged me by mistake. It'd explain a lot. But no number was forthcoming. At the time an overwhelming sense of needing to help caught me, but I ignored it. However it bode the question, "When is it right to intervene?"

Let's face it. Life on this earth is messier than ever before. No one in their right minds wants to bite off more than they can chew and get mired in someone else's unnecessary muckups, of which there can be many and seem to spiral downward as co-dependency begins to encroach. As Christians, how can we identify when there's a genuine need for help, a true and sincere call for us to introduce God into a situation that needs Him so desperately, a situation where He may otherwise not have entered? How can we recognise the moment we need to step into the lives of complete strangers?

I hope God will make it clear because I know He would make us able by the empowerment of His Spirit. He made us to show His love and that by actions as well as words.

Decide: The last time a random event happened to you, did you behave well? Did you consult the Holy Spirit to see if you needed to take action and risk being a light in this oppressively dark world?

"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house." Matthew 5v14,15

"Vous êtes la lumière du monde. Une ville au sommet d'une colline n'échappe pas aux regards.
Il en est de même d'une lampe: si on l'allume, ce n'est pas pour la mettre sous une mesure à grains: au contraire, on la fixe sur un pied de lampe pour qu'elle éclaire tous ceux qui sont dans la maison."


  1. This is the third attempt at writing this. My iPad is not co-operating with my fingers at all.

    I think it might be truth is stranger than fiction but maybe you did mean stronger.
    What a mystery story. My curiosity would have been piqued as well. It is very hard to decide sometimes if an unusual event is a leading from the Holy Spirit to get involved an amazing turn of events that could be miraculous.

    I am ending now before i experience another vanishing comment!

  2. Nope, I did mean stronger :)
    Sorry your comments were getting eaten! Eeek! I hope that they at least tastes good to the iPad.