Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why others need grace

This morning I experienced a minor drama of the unnecessary kind that quickly becomes frustrating. Naturally it involved telecommunications giant Telstra. This is how it went.

I logged into an old email account and a prompt came to update my backup email address, the backup that gets used in the event you forget a password and need to be able to access so you can keep doing things in life. When I went to change this, the backup wouldn't let me sign in. Ha. I'd suffered this glitch before, so I persevered and knew that somewhere I'd be signed in. It was telling me I was but wouldn't let me view the information needed.

Grrr. I rang Telstra/Bigpond on a "1800" number shown on the website when things went wrong and tried to sort it out, got a very lovely girl on the other (offshore) end I'm assuming was Philippino but that's ok because my high school teacher was Philippino except he didn't have the American accent like this girl did. Philippinos are cool in my book thanks to my teacher, who was a legend, but has nothing to do with Telstra, so let's go on.

She tried to sort it but couldn't because I'd rung the wrong department. Kindly she put me through and gave me the "13" number I could ring in future, which I am in no way going to ring because that would cost, and their glitch should not cost me, right? So she transferred me.

I was put on hold and a message came: "Please feel free to give us feedback on our service because we would love to hear what you have to say."


What I have to say, you would not like to hear.

If I wanted a trip on a merry-go-round, I'd have gone to the nearest theme park where the politicians work and got on.

Scratchy music began, something that sounded like it was being played through a strobe light. I put it on speaker, put the phone in the washing basket, and proceeded to hang out my washing. After a record of two minutes short (whoa, you guys have improved! and I got six towels hung plus a rag!) a much clearer voice came and it was the first girl politely telling me she was handing me over to the new girl. I thanked her. She'd done her part well.

The next girl started talking about my current email, which I did not want her to touch lest it be stuffed up also, not that it would be her fault, but I just didn't want what wasn't broke being fixed if y'know what I mean. We went round the merry-go-round as I tried to help her understand where I was coming from because her accent proved she probably wasn't Philippino though she was also very polite. Communication is key. Accessing different words helps.

To cut the story short because it would just bore you, my experience was a giant communicado reminder not to get frustrated because it's JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS. It's not the girls' fault, it's not my fault, and it's the fault of Telstra which is convenient because IT'S JUST WHAT THEY DO. Their web is truly tangled and I’d hate to have to try to un-weave it, and am sure there are poor souls attempting to try and do just that.

Extending grace is a necessary part of life, and come the day I have to deal with Telstra again, I'll have to extend that grace all over again even if only for my own sanity. Whether or not you knew this, getting uptight and frustrated only blocks your ears. You get deadlocked and literally unable to compute more information. Others need to be able to deal with you in an orderly manner and you need to permit it because although you might convince yourself you’re pretty darn amazing, you are (in fact) only as amazing as the person you’re dealing with, regardless of your PHD. By chance should really truly happen to be more amazing than the other person or vice-versa, extending graciousness will help immensely.

You don't need me to tell you why others need grace because you know why you need it yourself. Grace, like merry-go-rounds we don't need is a part of life. May you own the ability to groove in a flow and extend it to others today.

Decide: Do you struggle with showing grace, particularly when you're frustrated? Doesn't it help to know that you need it as much as anyone?

"But He gives us more and more grace ( power of the Holy Spirit, to meet this evil tendency and all others fully). That is why He says, God sets Himself against the proud and haughty, but gives grace [continually] to the lowly (those who are humble enough to receive it)." James 4v6

"...mais bien plus grande est la grâce qu'il nous accorde. --- Voici donc ce que déclare l'Ecriture: Dieu s'oppose aux orgueilleux, mais il accorde sa grâce aux humbles."

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  1. Yes, I agree, Telstra is certainly a "grace grower". Those events or people that are allowed in our lives in order specifically grow our grace.