Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 3: ***Bling***

Day 3 was warmer than the previous two, and more beautiful. The islands filling our horizon were growing ever clearer to the point where items on their beaches were starting to become more defined. Maybe it was the jetlag, or maybe it was the sheer relaxed atmos, but by 2pm we had hardly moved a muscle and didn't entirely feel inclined to do so.

Before breakfast we'd kicked back and watched a teency bird outside our window in the garden, tucked in amongst some leaves of a plant we didn't know the name of. He was having the most tremendous time bathing and frisking in the heavy drip-drip-drip of a steady stream of water flowing from the balcony above after the tropical rains the night before. The leaves of the plant he was in slowed the stream to a pace more tolerable to his tiny frame, and it was as if he knew where to come and did so regularly. For the better part of ten minutes we watched him, loving that we could, loving that there was no need to rush anywhere, enjoying Creation.

When we finally did go out, we left the hotel in a taxi. Our driver was keen to practise his English and I was keen to make sure I wasn't in a jewellery shop. His car had more bling than Beyonce. More than the Queen of England, in fact. The dash mat was quilted sateen and studded at regular intervals with bling. The gear knob was replaced with a bling-bling version and wore a wide collar of blinginess. The roof interior held a tissue box with a cover of studded blingy-bling-bling. The posts of the headrests were cuffed with blingy collars. Hmmm...

His phone rang. Take a guess what it looked like.

Ok, to be honest, it might have just been a plain Samsung or Nokia. I was distracted by the blingiest seatbelt covers I'd ever laid eyes on. In fact the only blingy seatlbelt covers I'd ever laid eyes on. And the rearview mirror surround that bore a license plate similarity, except with bling. It was wearing a belt. Made for rearview mirrors. Made of shiny black patent plastic with a blingy white buckle.

I was feeling quite stunned by the time I got out, though not blinded by the glare of the faux diamantes' excess. Every girl knows diamonds are a girl's best friend, however I'd never quite known them to be a taxi driver's best friend also. He was a lovely guy and when we asked if he had children, he said, "One woman."

One girl?

"Yes! Girl!"

What a classic.

I love being in other countries and learning the people :) The differences are why we go.

Decide: What was the last thing you saw that broke the mold of your expectations, or gave you pause? Did you go with the flow and admire, or cringe with confusion?

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6v26

Voyez ces oiseaux qui volent dans les airs, ils ne sèment ni ne moissonnent, ils n'amassent pas de provisions dans des greniers, et votre Père céleste les nourrit. N'avez-vous pas bien plus de valeur qu'eux?

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