Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Day 6: Pearls of Wisdom... in a Cup?

The day began slowly and by now I was hoping to get out more and experience some of the sights. I was feeling over-relaxed. After all, it was day 6. If you're anything like me, if you're not doing enough, you eat. In this case, eating was being done by the pool, which was more than lovely. However, being squadron poo-bombed by little black birds whose droppings hit with albatros force and seemed as though they had been dining only on chutney tended not to make me feel so relaxed.

Mercifully the chutney poo washes right out with a bit of cold water. The smarting body part that was struck by the incoming bomb takes a little longer to recover. Perhaps it was the little birds' stomach acids working an acid peel effect and not the velocity with which the poo hit?

Friday night was flame throwing night, and no, this event was not sponsored by chilli-eating little black birds. It's a show put on by the hotel for the entertainment of their guests, and by night it's quite the spectacular amid the backdrop of the indigo sky and coconut palms in silhouette. The bongo beat could be heard from as far away as half a kilometre in the balmy night air and we ooga-booga'd our way across the grass to take a look on the way to catching a taxi into town.

At the big mall we met up with some other friends, and Mr. Valley was proclaiming the wonders of having just scored dinner for the equivalent of three dollars. One fun thing we discovered was the strangely wonderful and albeit rather confusing "Pearl Iced Tea." On this occasion we chose mango (rather than lychee, peach, sweet corn, vanilla, or chocolate) and the first sip was very refreshing. But why do they call it a 'pearl'? Let's see.

(Not our photo)
The first clue is the fattest drinking straw known to mankind. The second is the choc-chip looking things in the bottom of the large cup. What comes up the straw as something of a shock (mid-sip of a satisfying gulp of iced mango tea) is a pearl. No, not a real one, although there are enough freshwater pearls in this place to warrant the use of the real thing. The larger than pea-sized ball that traverses the straw into your mouth arousing great suspicion is actually some kind of jelly jube thing a chef we met likened to sago or tapioca.

Unpleasant? Au contrare. A whole collection of them in your mouth tastes suspiciously of maple syrup. They dissolve quickly and are really, really amusing. There's actually no other word for it. It has to be tried. It's a bit like plonking a handful of round gummy bears into the bottom of your watery milkshake, leaving them for half a day, then sucking them up and chewing. With the reactions we were giving to this unusual new drink, our friend quickly went off and bought one. Word of mouth is almost as big as mouth feel :) The pearl tea was experientially profound.

Decide: When did you last try something new and out of the ordinary? What can you find to try that really won't kill you after all? It might just be something you wouldn't like to live without ;)

"Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!" Matthew 13v45-46

Voici à quoi ressemble encore le royaume des cieux: un marchand cherche de belles perles. Quand il en a trouvé une de grande valeur, il s'en va vendre tout ce qu'il possède et achète cette perle précieuse.

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