Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Back in the olden days I got a job at a fabric boutique and met a lady there who shaped some very fun years in my life. She introduced me to the work I came to love as a costumier, sharing her secrets and techniques and sending her extra work my way.

She passed onto me a job for a young lady who was having a Titanic party on a large steamboat for her 21st and I re-created the diaphanous dress Rose wore in the movie of lilac, pick, and white that she wears in the sinking scenes. It was always a pleasure to get the designs perfect, and even more so for a client who appreciated the costume.

So impressed was she with my work that she invited both my friend and I to her Titanic birthday. Our eyes popped and we set about constructing garments from the era as fast as we could using whatever we could find in our fabric boxes. I settled quickly on the cream and blue velvet outfit Rose wore in the bow scene ("I'm flying...") and got many comments on the night because it was so recognisable.

In the car on our way to the party (my friend was driving) we realised a grave error had occured in our haste to make patterns over the last 24hrs. The underarms of our overdresses were too short and we could barely lift our arms. Perhaps Edwardian ladies never needed to lift their arms either! How unladylike. We laughed our heads off as she moved the seat of the car right forward purely so she could reach to turn the steering wheel.

'I know why the people on the Titanic didn't survive. They couldn't move their arms... They couldn't swim!' she laughed. A terrible joke but hilarious at the time just the same.

At the party we mingled effortlessly, and finally settled on a table with some friendly folk who became gradually more embibed which led to their conversation detouring south to the gutter with remarks that made us want to move tables. Throughout the night thus far I'd kept a secret (known only to my friend) and we elected to turn the conversation away from the raw remarks.

I removed my wig, revealing a very short crop of hair and stated I was going through chemotherapy. Everyone was stunned, and it opened up a path to talk about God's amazingness through it all. The reactions were mixed. It surprised me to see how people will gloss right over God to see what they want to see. They asked human questions and expected human answers, but the only ones I could give were to His glory and His alone.

Others at the table continued with their drinking and jokes, but others were caught up in the story and asking questions. Even so, it was amazing how people still referred to my "faith" as if speaking aloud the Name "God" were out of the question.

I can't say what came out of that night except that seeds were sewn at this party we were invited to, and we did have a lot of fun. There's an opportunity to tell of God's goodness all the time, you just need to recognise it when it's facing you.

I am still confident of this:
   I will see the goodness of the LORD
   in the land of the living. Psalm 27v13

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