Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Romance of Writing

There is something truly beautiful and wondrous about taking a pen in hand and having it drift over a page to write. Not everyone gets this sentiment...

...until they are on the receiving end.

Apparently with the advent of email, postal services are suffering. Recently I received some cards in the mail and it was the loveliest thing to see words written in the hand of people I love. I could see that person instantly, and their kind words let me know I was valued. It's the beauty of posted mail.

I encourage you, and I challenge you today to pick up a pen, find some paper or a card and write an actual letter to someone. Choose a name from the top of your head and go for it. Allow God to use your encouragement and kind words. I guarantee you'll bless their socks off at the other end because nobody actually writes anymore.

And your postie will love you for it.

Last night I wrote two letters and will write another two today (only one of these people has email, and she's on the other side of the world so email would be faster, but hey... do you always want to read in front of the pc?? Letters are a beautiful act). They are always lovely to open when you recognise the hand of someone you miss.

With love,

MV  xx

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1v3

Je dis à mon Dieu ma reconnaissance de tout le souvenir que j’ai de vous.

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  1. i guess i don't have an old-fashioned bone in my body

    i love social networking, email and twitter and actually find more romance, if you will, in the technology that's now available to us

    for what it's worth, i'd also prefer a comfortable car to a horse and buggy