Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Scene Most Worthy

One of the best parts of reading a good book is the ability for a scene to flash back to mind and bring a smile, a wince, or a giggle. I make no secret of my Siri-Mitchell-fan-status, and seeing as how hers is one of the last books I've read, the scenes from this one are still pretty clear (it'd help if I could concentrate on other things sometimes...).

If you're not familiar, you can read the back page blurb for A Heart Most Worthy here.

I fell most in love with the character of Annamaria. It had everything to do with how she handles herself, how I wish was more like her, and the way her romance unfolds. It's painfully beautiful and takes place in unexpected ways. Darn it!! I so don't want to spoil the story for you, but it's too good. Aaaaugh!!

Ok. A huge struggle with myself and I just can't tell you what takes place, but I will give you a page number. It's 268 and half 269. Siriously (pardon the pun), does anyone know how to craft a moment so worth the wait? The only thing that makes it any more complete is the way Annamaria's story concludes in the book, and how Rafaello behaves. Can there be any greater love than this?

If you were looking for juicy bits, sorry to disappoint :) You'll just have to invest and get between the pages...

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