Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Crossing Over

Tell me, does this bridge look like one you think you'd enjoy crossing?

Does it appear safe? Does it seem rocky? Do you think it might collapse beneath you? Give it to me straight: What's your biggest fear in facing a bridge like this one? What is the worst that can happen to you?

Have no fear. I've crossed it and can tell you it works just fine and was very supportive.

What if my word isn't enough?

Then take another look at that bridge with the crew of Russian Tall ship Kruzenshtern lined up on it.

Betcha it doesn't look so scary anymore. It's the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the setting is absolutely gorgeous! If I'd not crossed this bridge to the other side I would never have smelled cedar like it should be inhaled (the best outdoor inhalation experience of my life to date)... Ok, stick with me. Focus on the two images of the bridge.

Now imagine that's how many people could come into relationship with Jesus because they read your novel.

Get the scope? Would you cross a bridge if you knew it had lasting, eternal worth and value?

I'm most of the way through reading a book by K.P. Yohannan and it's lifechanging for a number of reasons. K.P. makes a brilliant valid point that us Western Christians should be gutted over. We're fat on the Gospel and do little with it when it comes to saving souls. We're willing to let our closest neighbours slip into Eternity unsaved while we stuff ourselves silly on every Christian growth hormone known to us (books, music, programs, buildings, etc). We'll blissfully edify our way into the Kingdom but the crux of the Great Commission goes undone.

I was wondering how this might apply to me as a writer (not just in general).

Our books are for us, and despite the goodness and value of this, we should reach a point when we ask if it's enough. At the end of the day, we all need to grow up and get moving in Christ and our fiction is a brilliant method of transport. Please don't misunderstand me. Fiction has saved me and untold others on countless occasions and in various amazing ways that I praise and thank God for. But it's not the end of the journey. There's more waiting for us. We're accountable for our words, and I know that doesn't mean only the ones that come out of our mouths. The Great Commission is for us all to fulfill.

Be brave. Cross the bridge when you come to it, and open your mouth (and pen) so God can fill it with His words. Don't just be entertaining; make it count. Determine, at some point, to write something that crosses over. Avoid the kitsch, run from the mediocre, strive for something that hits an eternal mark. It's beautiful on the other side, and it's for everyone to know about, so don't hold back.

Pause for thought: In the movie Titanic, Jack raises a toast to 'making it count'. Would there have been any impact if his toast had been, "To being satisfied"?

What have you read lately that made you consider your eternal future, or someone else's?

“It is the LORD your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him.” Deuteronomy 13:4

tu n'écouteras pas les paroles de ce prophète ou de ce faiseur de rêves. En effet, c'est l'Eternel, votre Dieu, qui vous met à l'épreuve pour savoir si vous l’aimez, lui, de tout votre cœur et toute votre âme.

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