Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Did You Forget You Are Wanted?

This morning as I was reading Ephesians chapter 1 I remembered with sadness that not everyone in life believes they are loved or wanted. When you read words like these until they are running through your head, it gets harder and harder to believe you're at the bottom of the pile:

God has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing... (every, not some)

He CHOSE us! - BEFORE the creation of the world... (Chosen!!! Picked out and carefully selected)

In LOVE He predestined us... (predestined means decided upon in advance and settled on)

It was His PLEASURE to adopt us... (He didn't do it because He had to to; pleasure is something you enjoy and seek)

He GIVES us grace... (He makes us earn grace... not. He gives it because He knows we need lots of it)

He BUYS us back from inescapable badness... (that's called REDEMPTION from sin)

We are forgiven according to His RICH grace... (it's more than enough! Not puny or lacking)

He LAVISHES grace us on with ALL wisdom and understanding... (lavish = 'sumptuously rich and elaborate')

He CONFIDES in us His perfect will... (v9... being taken into a confidence is a privileged position)

This is just one teency portion of what is said about you.

Conclusion: You are not only WANTED, you are PLANNED and PLANNED FOR. Nothing you do or have ever done is enough to separate you from God and His love. Don't even try and get your head around it :) Well ok, try.

I don't understand how people can argue with this. Maybe it's just too simple :) Either way, it's profound.

Are these the words of someone who is not into you?
Do people who hate you lavish you with love and forgiveness?
Do people who have it in for you tell you their good plans for your life or adopt you into their heart and family with pleasure?

Are these words associated with someone who has no interest in you?


Don't just glance over what God says about you, REMIND YOURSELF, and as often as you need to. No matter what you've done or where you've been, God is not far off. He wants you with Him even before Heaven.

Look no further. It starts with Him.

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