Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Coming Up To Breathe

No, it's not about the MercyMe album, but about life. This season has been the busiest of my life to date, and there is little I could have done about it. When you're a specialist, the whole world wants you (or so it seems).

(It's lunchtime, so let's make this quick)

On the weekend I was talking with an editor friend and said that I felt like I was in the scene in the Count of Monte Christo where Edmond hides in the old priest's burial sack and gets thrown off the cliff into the sea. Lucky for Edmond he grabs the jailer's keys and also takes him over the cliff edge and together they plunge into the surge below.

I admitted to my friend that I feel like I'm still in that canvas sack, waiting to be freed, waiting to swim unfettered. In many respects the only person who can free me is me, and by His grace and help, God. On the other hand, we all fall into the tyrrany of the cost of living and bills must be paid. Make hay while the sun shines, as they say (just don't get hayfever).

The long and short of it is this. I couldn't take much more at the rate the demand was coming at me. I put my phone on silent and missed a couple of important phone calls. But you know what? The world still turned and somehow they managed without me. It was great, and my head felt a lot better, and I was able to return those calls in a better frame of mind. The short reprieve reminded me that if I was unable to say no for whatever reason, I could at least draw my line in the sand and declare "This far, no further".

Like the movie, I know I'll break out eventually. This season will soon end and a new one must follow it. Goodness knows what that one will hold, but at least I'll have acquired some extra training up my sleeve to deal with it.

What do you do when it seems the whole world wants you and everyone has a demand?

How hard is it to say no?

What time, what peace, what joy do you allow yourself
to get back on track?

I saw an interesting spot on tv last night where Dr. Phil was explaining the fast-paced society we live in. Everything comes at us at such a rate of knots that we give attention to many things, but our quality focus level is spread too thin to be of any true effect or goodness. There is no quality. We're not accomplishing anything at all. There are no bonds, no points of lasting contact.

Don't let yourself get that swept away. Have some campfire moments. Without them, life loses its flavour and enjoyment.

Lunch is over, but I'm taking my cuppa with me...

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5v16

Mais lui, il se retirait dans les d├ęserts et priait.

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