Saturday, 11 May 2013

Completely & Utterly Shameless

Well, I've told myself I really should do this if only for the fun of it, so I'm going to. It's the blurb for a novel I wrote a little while back called Shameless. I hope you enjoy it, and whether you do or you don't, I'd love to have your feedback in the comments section below, or via Twitter (a)MerceyValley.
Isn’t there a right way to behave when love catches you unaware?


Love was the last thing on Jonti’s mind when she went to bail out her naughty Nanna, but that couldn’t keep love from hunting her down...

Jonti Moran is not the kind of girl to go out in hot pursuit of a man. In fact she’s quite happy just looking, thank you. When she pays an unforeseen visit to the local lockup to come to her Gran’s rescue, a cold hard case of reality is not the only thing about to give her more than she bargained for. Surviving the romantic encounter of a lifetime without looking like a crack job herself is just the beginning.

Enter Jack, the dreamiest guy she’s ever laid eyes on, and suddenly her dormant inner flirt is out of its coma. Problem: Jack is the detective handling Grandma Villette’s case, and Villette has been a very bad girl. What on earth is a woman her age doing smuggling dope? What is it she’s not telling? Both Jonti and Jack know Villette is covering for someone—but who? And why? It’s also starting to look like Jack might be keeping some secrets of his own. There’s no denying he’s seriously intriguing, but only time and the tests of their peculiar circumstances will prove if his faith matches her own.

In this unashamed jaunt of fun and games (and a kiss or three) Jonti is about to learn that life must be lived for more than the present, and that uncovering truth proves how defenceless a heart can be.

Just how much can one heart take?

In Jonti’s case, not much. But God can handle anything, and He’s not leaving her alone for a moment. Will He throw in the man of her dreams to boot—or will misunderstandings ruin everything? Now is not the time to be so shameless. A pity it comes so darn naturally...
To read the prologue, click here.


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