Saturday, 24 August 2013

Charlies ~ a recipe

In light of the saddest weekend we've had in a while, last night I created a recipe in memory of a very cool pet. If you don't like coconut, I'm sure you could substitute that ingredient for something else. Our little companion was a two-tone softie. These biscuits turn out very crunchy yet have two colours. The recipe makes about 30-40 depending on how big you roll a ball.

Enjoy. We have been. And of course they are best eaten hot...

Charlies  <--- yes, this is a link

~ two-tone biscuits of white coconut & orange apricot bits!~


125g (4oz) butter

1 cup raw castor sugar

1 egg

2 cups Self-Raising flour

pinch salt

1 cup coconut

125g diced dried apricots bits (&/or diced dried pineapple bits)

extra sugar*


Cream butter and sugar, beat in egg, add sifted flour, salt, coconut and apricot bits.

Roll into balls and press flat between the hands. Dip top side in extra sugar*.

Place onto greased oven trays or on greased baking paper, sugar side up. Allow for spreading. Bake in moderately hot over (190°C) for 10-12min.

Cool on trays or slide onto rack to cool.

Makes about 40.


PS~ we are officially looking for a new fluffy friend but waiting for the right one to come along :)


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