Monday, 23 September 2013

My New Life

It goes like this: I am officially classed as a bookseller. In a lovely turn of events I find myself working in one of our nation's leading bookshop franchises, being taught wholeheartedly the ropes of the industry and loving it. (My feet are almost in agreement with me)...

It is a huge blessing, and adds to the new season the life of the Valleys has taken. God amazes me in the way He works behind the scenes on our behalf, and I am feeling very blessed.

Last week as I walked the aisles perusing, dusting my new babies, investigating all sorts of things between all kinds of covers, I reflected on the amount of books out there that are not going to do anyone any good. By that I mean no eternal good. I became acutely aware that while Christians require some entertaining, we do have our heads in the sand more than a little bit. We're fat on what we love, while literal rubbish is as equally as copiously available to those who do not love what we love, and never will.

As a reader/writer/critic, it challenged me about my own output and what that might look like in the future. If you fall into the writer category, for heaven's sake, make whatever you write COUNT for all eternity. Life is short, and the days will be shortened for the sake of the elect. Don't get too distracted as you enjoy yourself.

I am finding this very interesting and how this new work is shaping my opinions and beliefs. I pray it is God alone Who moulds me as I venture farther into the world and I am in it, but not of it.

What does your faith look like to you?

What does it look like to others?

Are you slipping under the radar, adding to the many available distractions, or are you effective?


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