Monday, 23 September 2013


One thing dawned on me pretty quick on my first day in the new job I have as a Bookseller, and it's only because I am so well acquainted with what I love that I realised this.

Only Christians read Christians. Inspirational Fiction authors, the world is not reading you.

I have yet to learn all about the myriad of amazing authors out there (and I already know a stack of them). However my knowledge of the Inspirational genre may yet prove helpful to my employer. As I was learning how to order a book, my colleague showed me the slip of paper with the ISBN of the book requested by our local library.

Terri Blackstock! I know that name very well!

I might as well have been an alien spouting a foreign language when I spoke of what kind of stories she writes. The book was not on their system and they had to go to another website to track down the distributor for the book. Pfft. I could have just sent them to Koorong and they'd have had it in a flash. Of course I know this. I am well-practised (and have the bulging bookshelves and pile of invoices to prove it).

But Terri Blackstock wasn't the only author they'd never heard of. Names as big as it gets rang no bells. Authors with as many as thirty books up their Inspirational sleeves meant nothing.

Are you sad?

You should be. I was. Read between the lines and tell me what this proves to you.

What's hot right now in the world we're supposed to be reaching?


YA adventure.

YA mythology/bloodsuckers (no thanks to Twilight).


Sex (50 shades worse).

People are searching. Maybe God is too simple, too original. They want the packaging of the world.

Or do they?

Please, make whatever you write something RELEVANT to the people of the world. Christians are officially obese. Yes, it is important to build up the body, but to what extent? I love that I was raised on such amazing and beautiful fiction, but is this where the rubber meets the road?

Somebody help me out here. I'm struggling with this.


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