Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hot Picks

In the bookshop, I can't tell you how much fun it is to watch the new titles come in, shuffle the shelves, and make room for them - all in time for Christmas. Naturally, the Publishers time it this way. Here are some of the most lovely that I was excited about today...

Ned Kelly

Someone needs to tell this guy to write smaller books. They take up A LOT of shelf space, but are ever so lovely. Think War & Peace by Tolstoy and add 10%. That's how big each of his books are - and people love him for it. This new one has been much anticipated, and in hardcover is ever so lovely to hold. It's like, a foot thick. The last word on dear Ned?

Digger Smith And Australia's Great War

Digger Smith SUCH a great book. The faces on the cover say it all. My workplace has this one on sale, and it'd make a perfect gift for someone inclined toward war history. Beautiful tribute here.

One Summer

Bill Bryson presents us with another cracker, size-wise. I haven't looked at it too deeply yet, but we have a ton of them which indicates they are in demand!! May appeal to Great Gatsby fans... same era and all that ;) Great hardcover with eye-catching presentation.

The Fishing Fleet

I saw The Fishing Fleet today for the first time, and I want one!!! It looks like such a great read and I love that it's steeped in true history :) Wish list!!! Come home with me!!

War Dog

War is in, and if you like dogs, you won't be disappointed.

In fiction, here are a handful of the covers of some top picks by the general public:

Coal Creek   Narrow Road To The Deep North

Mirage: Oregon Files   Solo

The Book Thief   OR   The Book Thief: Film Tie-In Edition

And my own top pick which is still a very hot favourite, with no paperback format anywhere in sight...

Burial Rites

So there you have it. A glimpse into the everyday world of top-pick books.



  1. Hey Mercey,

    I'm not too familiar with most of the other aurhors mentioned, but I do enjoy reading Clive Cussler books, Dirk Pitt versions as well as others.


    1. It's a big writing world out there. Try to become as familiar as you can be with your market place because it pays to know what you're up against.