Monday, 9 December 2013

For Sale

The bookstore I work for is up for sale. I told someone yesterday that the owners made this decision before I came on staff. The person replied, "That's what they tell you". Pretty funny :)

Whether I work there or not is beside the point. What I want to shout out to all people everywhere and not just potential investors, is that books are alive and well! I am astonished at how many people will come in and place book after book on the counter until their stack is a mile high. They do not layby these books, they BUY them straight out. They want them. Desperately.

Their purchase may consist of one or two sale books, but for the most part, they see the new release they've been waiting for and simply have to have it. I get a real kick out of asking them if they've considered e-readers or kindles. Without fail (I tell no lie), they will screw up their noses and recoil at the thought. Ugh. No thank you. In fact, how could you even suggest it?! The response is priceless :)

Interestingly, we do sell e-book vouchers, but more importantly we sell actual books. I am not privy to the figures, but I do work the point of sale (and at the moment it's smokin'). Books will be around for a long while yet, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise - especially not any statistics. If you believed what you read, you'd be led into thinking we spend our days listening to the crickets instead of the eftpos machine.


Books are ALIVE. They do not run out of batteries, they are not cold, and if dropped will survive. So what if they cost more. Big whoopee. Try and convert a book lover to an electronic read and they will throttle you then run a mile. Book lovers are staunch, and they are loyal. They understand that to hold a book is to have an experience. The world is so digital already. Books offer something tangible and real. Something they can pick up at any time.

You want to know the best part? Our sales include the next generation. Kids and teens want actual hardcopies. I personally know kids with e-readers that are gathering dust in favour of a real book. The decision is their own, not inspired or prompted by an adult.


I love my job :)

"Books brighten your world.
Even in colour,
e-books are grey."
~a satisfied customer last week.
"Jesus went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom. He stood up to read..." Luke 4:16

Jésus se rendit à Nazareth où il avait été élevé et, conformément à son habitude, il entra dans la synagogue le jour du sabbat. Il se leva pour faire la lecture...

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