Sunday, 16 February 2014

Help me, I'm pitching & I can't get up...

Oh goodness. I'm headed for our state's largest Writer's Festival and am brushing up on pitching, presentation, and reminding myself that publishers and agents are human, too. Otherwise I may pass out from the terror of having to speak in public. Ok, I'm not that bad, but surely I could improve.

In any case, I'm not panicking, and don't plan to. It's a waste of energy, and I've read enough True Grit by Bear Grylls to know things could be worse. I'm not frostbitten (at least not til I'm standing up in front of everyone), and I'm not starving (unless I forget to bring my purse to buy lunch). Nor am I sailing in a tiny boat against monster waves like Earnest Shackleton (does standing out in a sea of hopefuls count?).

Being prepared makes a truckload of difference, and reminding myself that Fifty Shades of Grey made it into print also gives me hope. I also hope that my point of difference stands out. What actually does set me apart from every other attendee hoping to bend the ear of an agent/editor/publishing rep? That's what I'm clarifying at the moment as I'm surrounded by pages and pages of manuscript and first chapters ready for the taking, eye-catching one sheets, and loglines and synopsises.

The longer I do this the easier and more enjoyable it gets, the more confidence I have about what I'm doing - because my biggest query is whether or not I'm doing it right. And that's possibly the most standout aspect I've learned about this writing life - BE CONFIDENT. If you fall, get up and brush off. Persevere. Know, that while a hundred other people are out there treading writing boards, that your story IS different to all of theirs. Your voice is your own, and no one can tell a story the way you can.

Enjoy the journey, chalk up the experience, and remember the old adage that you haven't failed til you quit.

Like I said, much of this is about gaining confidence, so here are some links to help send you on your way...

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"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." Hebrews 11v1
Or la foi, c'est la ferme assurance des choses qu'on espère, la démonstration de celles qu'on ne voit pas.

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